Wednesday, March 16, 2011

April's Pottery Clearance Sale!

April is having a clearance sale on her beautiful hand made pottery! For a limited time you can purchase her clearanced pottery exclusively from my website!

These beautiful pieces are one of a kind and are first come first serve. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact me here. Please include your name and which piece you would like to purchase. If you are a local reader, you may pick up your piece to avoid a shipping charge.

Ruffled Spearmint Serving Bowl $50.00 $25
  • Great piece for serving bread or fruit (9" wide)!

Large White Stargazer Lily Base $120 $50
  • Exquisite piece for displaying flowers (14" tall)!

Spearmint Wall Sconce $40 $14!
  • This hanging piece beautifully displays your flowers (6" tall)!

Hand Carved Variegated Blue Vase $20 $8
  • A pretty hand carved piece for small writing utensils (4" tall)!

Set of 3 Cups/Mugs (2 blue, and 1 green) $45 $17
  • 3 functional cups (3" tall"

Blue and Brown Vase $28 $12
  • A pretty piece for flowers (5" tall)!

Medium White Stargazer Lily Vase "Rain" $60 $15
  • Hand carved piece featuring a lily, a cross and rain (6" tall)

Spearmint Lily Vase $28 $13
  • Hand carved with elegant lilys (4" tall)!

Red Folded Serving Bowl $30 $15
  • Great bowl for fruit or candy (7" wide)!

Large Stoneware Mug in Variegated Blue $25 $11
  • A "Man" sized coffee cup (5" tall)!

Large Red Stoneware Vase $60 $35!
  • Perfect for kitchen utensils or flowers (7" tall)!

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