Thursday, March 3, 2011

April's Pottery Clearance Sale!

April is having a clearance sale on her beautiful hand made pottery! For a limited time you can purchase her clearanced pottery exclusively from my website!

These beautiful pieces are one of a kind and are first come first serve. If you are interested in puchasing a piece, please contact me here. Please include your name and which piece you would like to purchase. If you are a local reader, you may pick up your piece to avoid a shipping charge.

Hand Textured Blue Vase $35 $12!

  • This is a lovely textured vase, which would be great to put your little treasures in!

Spearmint Green Flower Vase $30 $12!

  • A cute vase for dried flowers, pencils, or to spice up your book shelf!

Hand carved Red Swirl Vase $60 $16!
  • A lovely one of a kind center piece, you will love this one! SOLD!

Medium Blue Vase $30 $13!

  • Lovely for some flowers, pencils, or as a centerpiece   SOLD!

Vergiated Blue Pencil Vase $25 $9!

  • Great for pencils, change, cup, or beautiful on a shelf

Medium Rustic Red Pitcher $30 $10
  • A wonderful pitcher for 2, or for flowers  SOLD!

Folded Blue Bowl, medium sized $35 $14

  • Stunning folded bowl, perfect for rice, salad for 4, bread, or a centerpiece SOLD!

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