Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Super Savings at Kroger

As I explained in my previous post, Kroger is currently having a Mega Event. Above is a picture of everything I purchased this morning.

I purchased 2 boxes of Texas Toast, 2 boxes Toaster Strudel, 4 pkg Oscar Mayer Turkey, 10 pkg Philly Cream Cheese, 8 pkg Kraft Shredded Cheese, 2 bags Quaker Quakes, 2 pkg Gold Fish Crackers, 1 pkg Poppycock, 1 pkg Keebler Cookies, 1 box Fiber One Bars, 2 bottles of Motts Apple Juice, 2 bottles Franks Red Hot Sauce, 1 French's Mustard, & 2 boxes of Wheat Thins.

For those of you who weren't counting, that's 40 items. My bill before coupons and Mega Event Savings was $112.49. I ended up paying just $27.51 for my 40 items! That's right, I saved $84.98!!

For those of you who don't know me well, you probably think that I'm crazy for buying so much for a family of 3. My plan is to freeze and stock pile many of my items for future use. What a deal!

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