Thursday, January 14, 2010

Categories for Coupon Binders

At my last coupon workshop, some of you requested a listing of the categories in my coupon binder. Here they are:

Meat (deli, packaged)
Bread (fresh, frozen)
Frozen (boxed, bagged, pizza, ice cream, fruits, veggies)
Canned (soup, fruit, veggies, salad items, condiments, meat, seasonings, pb/jelly)
Boxed (pasta, meals, sides)
Beverages (water, juice, coffee)
Baking (crescents, biscuits, muffins, cake, brownies, ingredients)
Snacks (chips, crackers, cookies, candy, bars)
Cereal (general mills, kelloggs, misc)
Dairy (cheese, yougurt, misc)
Cleaning (clorox, lysol, scrubbing bubbles, windex, misc)
Laundry (detergent, fabric softner, misc)
Air freshners (glade, oust, airwick, febreeze)
Paper products (kitchen, bathroom, food storage)
Oral hygiene (toothbrushes, mouthwash, toothpaste)
Medicines (cough, cold, stomach, pain relief, vitamins)
Deodorant (his, hers, body spray)
Razors (his, hers, shaving cream)
Body (lotion, bath products, face)
Hair (shampoo, stylers)
Soap (handsoap, dishsoap)
Makeup (covergirl, revlon, loreal, neutrogena)
Miscellaneous (office, batteries, pets)

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