Thursday, September 8, 2011

Practical Couponing at Walmart

I love stores that double and triple coupons! But for those of you that don't have this option, you CAN save elsewhere!

Believe it or not, I do shop at Walmart. There are times that I appreciate the "one stop shop".  Today, I went to Walmart. My total before coupons and price matches was $43.62. I ended up paying $29.63 for everything pictured!

This was NOT extreme couponing. Rather, it was practical couponing. Always remember that small savings DO add up over time!

Here are the highlights of my trip to Walmart:

Seyfert's Potato Chips $2
Price matched from Community Market for $1.67!

Red Grapes $1.28/lb
Price matched from Community Market for $1/lb!

Great Value Milk $2.99
Price matched from Meijer for $2.50!

Honey Maid Graham Crackers $2.98
Price matched from Meijer for $2.50
Used $1/1 printable (no longer available)=$1.50 after coupon and price match!

Chips Ahoy Cookies $2.50
Used $1 off of Nabisco Cookies WYB Milk printable (no longer available)=$1.50 after coupon!

Huggies Training Wipes $1.64
Used $1/1 coupon from 8/14 SS=$0.64 after coupon!

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