Saturday, May 1, 2010

$0.25 Pantyhose at CVS + 10 Fun Uses for Pantyhose

Today, I was shopping at the Decatur CVS and discovered 3 shopping carts full of clearanced pantyhose near the front of the store. They were priced at just $0.25 each! If you need pantyhose, get there quickly, because these will be gone soon!

Here are some fun uses of pantyhose from the book Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

1. Buffing your shoes
2. Keeping rolls of wrapping paper from unraveling
3. Making a ponytail scrunchy
4. Keeping a rolling pin from sticking
5. Securing trash bags
6. Storing flower bulbs in the winter
7. Applying stain to wood crevices
8. Testing a sanded surface for snags
9. Patching a hole in a screen
10. Making a paint strainer

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